The other day I was lucky enough to receive some kurobuta pork loins from the banquet kitchen. I cured the loin with some cure 2, black pepper, salt, garlic, etc. I kept the flavors simple and straight forward (even though I was pleased with my Cocoa rubbed lonzino last time around) hoping not to hide too much of the natural pork flavor, especially since it's kurobuta. My only worries this time around are that a) I have never used synthetic casings (not very stoked about it) and b) they were too big for the loins after curing, so I had trouble getting a lot of the air out. I used my probing needle to poke holes and tied them as tight as I could, but don't know what is going to happen.

I am expecting these to take about 3 weeks, maybe a bit less since they aren't very big. After curing for about 10 days they were cased, hung to dry at 75' for about 16 hours and will cure in my chamber between 58 - 65' with an RH of about 75 - 80% (after the first couple of days. The humidity always gets jacked up when I first hang fresh batches in it). Here are some pictures of the loins before going into the chamber.

after curing

here you can see the one that most of the air didn't come out of


  1. The collagen casings are great for whole muscles. Unfortunately, they really have to fit like a glove. There may be some mold issues otherwise. Great looking chamber.

  2. Yeah, that's what I'm worried about... On one of the casings I stuffed two loins in there. Unfortunately, this is the only one without all of the air pockets, and I'm worried about air between them. I'm constantly learning through trial and error, but hoping for the best.

  3. use lard with black pepper - not casings - comes out great