Chicken Rillette

The other day we were confiting milk fed chicken from Pasture Prime in Ocala, and I had an idea I had been wanting to mess around with for a while so I decided to give it a shot. Its still in the works, but the concept is good. I kind of just threw together a bunch of stuff we had just received, but also I want to keep it seasonal, so will make some adjustments. Hopefully we can run it on the tasting menu next week.

The Compnents:
Crispy Chicken Rillette, Buttermilk-Dijon Dressing, Egg Yolk, Ramp  Top Fluid Gel, and a salad of Green Apple, Ramp and Arugula.

Everything went together well, but needs to be tweeked and the presentation tightened up.


Over the past few months I have been talking to someone who I became acquainted with through facebook via her blog. She has been an inspiration and has got me thinking a lot, and has opened my eyes to some issues in my "professional life" that I feel were holding me back, but I am now more motivated than ever before and am ready to create. So, do the fact that my curing chamber has recently been lined with salt blocks and is now being used as a dry age chamber for beef, I will not be doing as much charcuterie, but hopefully will be able to share thoughts or ideas. I will be posting these ideas (hopefully good) and attempts at these ideas (hopefully succesful) in order for me to create. This being said, I would still love the feedback and for those of you still curing... I will give you my address and would love samples!!!

And please check out my friend Najat's blog.. The Pilgrim Chef. Thank you Najat