More Coppa

This time I actually was able to procure these coppa myself, since I was working butcher and received the massive mangalitsa shoulders. These things are serious. I just recently got some beef bung in, and it is a good thing that I did because I'm gonna need them. I have rubbed these down with salt, cane sugar, garlic, black pepper, cayenne, fennel, espelette, smoked paprika, and some cure 2. They just went in a couple of days ago, so I will post more about them later.

I have really high hopes for these bad boys. The smaller chunks of mangalitsa that I cured like coppa turned out really good, so my fingers are crossed.

This is a small plate i did a few weeks ago for a guest who came in and had the tasting menu 3 nights in a row. We gave him different courses each night, and I was stoked that I got to throw this one in.

From Left to Right: Pickled Okra, White Cuke, Cherry Bomb, Melted Lardo, Coppa, Bottom: Pepperoni, Lonzino


  1. Those coppa's look nice, like the ones I get from my buddy morgan at tails and trotters here in portland.. Coppa is easy and it's fun playing around with the spices.

    I like the platter.. but that's a small plate.. .. I think you said it's a tasting menu.. I hope so.. I need to be fed!!!

    all the best


  2. Todd- That Mangalitsa neck is probably very different from the ones you get from Tails and Trotters in Portland.

    Mangalitsa pigs are very special:

    Just consider IMF:

    "Especially the content of intra muscular fat (IMF) and pigment varied between the breeds. IMF varied from 0.9% (Hampshire) to 7.5% (Mangalitza). One single Mangalitza had an IMF of 11.8%."

  3. 建枫, I couldn't agree more!

    Yo B, looking good. I am with Heath, but that looks like some finer dining plating, no Pub plate of cured meats! Either way, it looks tasty! Once we move I hope to hop back on the curing train real quick like.