I apologize now for the lenght of this post, but without further ado....

The other day we went to Ocala to visit Torm Siverson of Pasture Prime Wagyu and the first ever Florida raised and killed Mangalitsa pig. It was awesome to actually get to see the slaughter process from start to finish seeing as its been about 14 years since I last saw a pig slaughtered and 8 or so since my calf experience. I snapped a lot of photos, however I will try to keep the blood to a minimum.

the pig weighed around 300 pounds before the slaughter
and about 225 after cleaning

here he is rolling around in the mud

here is Torm with him before they took him in to slaughter

the pig is bled and prepared for removing the hair

the water bath the pig is placed in

removal of the hair

the pig after removing the innards

me and my march mustache admiring the size of the jowls

Since this was the first pig, we only received sample parts which consisted of the head, a shoulder, the loin and a belly. I was able to get my hand on some lardo, the belly, some jowl and the ears. This is what I came up with.....


The jowl and ears were sous vide for 24 hours and then pressed.

And then it is seared and crisped up, it was pretty good

there are some cracklings too.....

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