Spring pasta

We have recently received our first batch of spring vegetables including spring onion, spring garlic, fiddlehead ferns, favas, english peas, and some flambeau radishes. I love spring vegetables the best out of all of the seasons. The flavors are so fresh, the colors are so bright, and you can use pretty much every part of each vegetable(and even though some of the vegetables are a bit tedious to clean, they are sooooo worth it).

So the other day the Chef de Cuisine, Aaron told me to come up with the idea for the pasta that would work with parsley root puree, (our first batch of) soft shell crabs and house made tagliatelle. So, I looked through the walk in and picked through some of the vegetables. I wanted to keep it as fresh and bright as possible. Simple, clean flavors.

What I came up with was spring onion used 4 different ways. Puree, Grilled, Braised bulbs (along with cippolinis), and burnt. I also cleaned and pickled the roots, but they're not done yet.
Then I took some flambeau radishes and compressed them with some meyer lemon zest, fleur de sel, and J. Leblanc Olive Oil.
I finished the plate with cherry tomatoes, arugula and meyer lemon vinaigrette, and the pasta is tossed in some butter, meyer lemon and herbs.

I tried to have one of the guys snap pictures of the plating process so you could see the bright, fresh colors.

this was for a vegetarian

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  1. good job Baxter, have a new one ready to go by Monday, let me know what you want in for it.