Although we have been extremely busy with the new menu change, and the addition of a 5 course tasting menu and 3 course prix fixe menu, I have been able to keep up with curing (large things anyways). I must say before I start, that this is in my own personal opinion one of my, if not the most successful and tasty thing we have cured yet. MANGALITSA BACON! which really looks like lardo, but if rendered properly is soooo good. I cured it for 17 days, Chef Windus smoked it for about a day, and now we eat it. The best way to cook it is pressed between 2 silpats in the oven, but was able to do an amuse for my uncle the other night (with I had snapped a shot) which consisted of bacon wrapped wild striped bass, stewed dragons tongue (white) beans, burnt onion and truffle jus. I was really pleased with it.

I know these pictures aren't very good, but they give you an idea of the fat on these things....

We also have some mangalitsa lardo that has been hanging, and a bunch of chunks that recently went into the cure...

We're also messing around with flavor profiles....

Piment d'Espelette

Hot Smoked Paprika

Have some guanciale on the way as well.....STOKED!!


  1. Looks awesome Baxter, sorry we haven't gotten that cheese to you yet. You know how these days can run together in our world, things fall through the cracks easily. I'll get it out to you soon, I'm linking your blog to Foodbros. to if you dont mind.

    Soon I am going to start doing all our chacuterie here so I might need to pick your brain a little. The Mangalitsa is beautiful..