The Chamber is Growing

Here is an updated shot of the chamber. I have since rearranged it into rows, in which I can slide the older meats forward and hang the newer behind without much difficulty. So as it continues to fill up it will look a bit more organized. I do have a couple things I want to tackle here in the next week or so (N'duja, Boudin, and Summer Sausage), but we have the Epcot Chefs Gala, a couple of off premise catering events, and a big buyout coming up, so it will be tough to squeeze it all in. But for now, here is the chamber. The Pepperoni and Sopressata should be done soon, so some tasting notes to come.


  1. Hey B, how do you control/monitor temperature and/or humidity in in you chamber?

  2. The only area I am not completely happy with controlling any aspect, at this point, is the humidity during fermenting. I currently use my oven with various lightbulbs used to adjust the temperature. The temp during fermentation is quite critical so I want to continue this method, but somehow slow down the drying that occurs during it.

    My 'nduja for example lost almost 10% during fermentation. Granted, that first week is going to be the quickest loss than any other point. I feel that I need a large proofing box to manage this best. Luckily all my work documented at LotH is completely hobby work, so I need not meet health department demands. Good for me because Chicago HD is tough.

    Right now I think I had solved the humidity during drying issue you have by using a friends closet with a humidifier inside that has a built in hygrometer to maintain a set %age (65% right now). I have been getting a lot of white mold on my bresaola, and a little bit on the 'nduja. Luckily it is a good mold, but I'd just prefer no mold unless I sprayed it myself.

  3. Why don't you try the equal parts salt/water in a pan. Just adjust the amount of water you put in. I've used this technique and it will actually cause the RH to jump up significantly (again depending on how much you stick in there)